Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee

The Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) is established under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (Act):

  • to evaluate on behalf of the community the importance of places and objects alleged to be associated with Aboriginal persons;
  • where appropriate, to record and preserve the traditional Aboriginal lore related to such places and objects;to recommend to the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (Minister) places and objects which, in the opinion of the Committee, are, or have been, of special significance to persons of Aboriginal descent and should be preserved, acquired and managed by the Minister;
  • to advise the Minister on any question referred to the Committee, and generally on any matter related to the objects and purposes of this Act;
  • to perform the functions allocated to the Committee by this Act;
  • and to advise the Minister when requested to do so as to the apportionment and application of moneys available for the administration of this Act.

ACMC members: 

  • Hon Gavin Fielding AM, Chairperson
  • Merle Carter, Member
  • Patrick Churnside, Member
  • Lindsay Dean, Member
  • Vanessa Kickett, Member
  • Bruce Smith, Member
  • Quinton Tucker, Member
  • Richard Browne, Ex-Officio, Landgate
  • Alec Coles, Ex-Officio, Western Australian Museum
  • Cliff Weeks, Ex-Officio, Department of Aboriginal Affairs

The ACMC meets once every month except in January as per the dates specified in the 2016 ACMC Meeting Dates. This documents also provide details on closing and advertising dates for Section 18 Notices and Section 16 Authorisation.

The ACMC can be contacted by emailing acmc@daa.wa.gov.au or by phoning (08) 6551 8000 (International +61 8 6551 8000)

A key function of the ACMC is to consider Section 18 Notices and assess the importance and significance of Aboriginal Sites on the land and make a recommendation to the Minister. 

Notices to be considered at the 11 August 2016 ACMC meeting.

Notices received for consideration at the 14 September 2016 ACMC meeting.

Ministerial decisions from prior Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee meetings.