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The information contained in these publications, including particulars of community locations on maps, is based on information available to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs Australia at the time of publication. While every endeavour has been made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible, no warranty is given about its accuracy, nor that it is free from error or omission. The information may become out of date over time.

The State of Western Australia and its servants expressly disclaim liability for any act or omission done in reliance on this publication and for the consequences of any such act or omission.

If anyone is or becomes aware of any inaccuracies in these publications, please contact the Senior Cartographer at DAA so that we can update our records. (Email: maps@daa.wa.gov.au)


The DAA map pack publications are provided as is and may not be altered, in accordance with copyright laws.

The maps

Individual maps from the map pack can be downloaded from here. Click on each image to download the corresponding PDF file. These maps are produced as A4 size documents. Should you require a larger version of any of these maps, please contact the Senior Cartographer (Ph: (08) 6551 8000 or using the email adress above).

Scroll down to download the full Map Pack, the State maps or DAA Districts Communities maps

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State maps

DAA offices and contact details
DAA Offices and contact details
File size: 221 kB
DAA Regions
DAA Regions of Western Australia
File size: 432 kB
Reserves under Part III of AAPA Act
Reserves under Part III of AAPA Act
File size: 496 kB
Aboriginal Land Trust
Aboriginal Land Trust (including Part III reserved land)
File size: 396 kB
Tindale Tribal boundaries
Tindale Tribal boundaries
File size: 516 kB
Local Government Authorities
Local Government Authorities boundaries
File size: 651 kB
WA Communities, south of the Kimberley - Map 1 of 2
Aboriginal Communities of Western Australia (Map 1)
File size: 839 kB
Kimberley Communities - Map 2 of 2
Aboriginal Communities in the Kimberley (Map 2)
File size: 856 kB

Communities in DAA Districts

East Kimberley District Communities
DAA East Kimberley District Aboriginal Communities  
File size: 503 kB
West Kimberley District Communities
DAA West Kimberley District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 922 kB
Pilbara District Communities
DAA Pilbara District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 1.29 MB



Goldfields  District Communities
DAA Goldfields District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 2.13 MB
MidWest District Communities
DAA MidWest District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 1.99 MB
Metro District Communities
DAA Metro District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 7.86MB
Southern District Communities
DAA Southern District Aboriginal Communities
File size: 613 kB

Full map packs (collections of the above maps)

Full Map Pack
Full Map Pack - 17 pages 
File size: 22.95 MB
State Maps Pack
State Maps - 10 pages
File size: 5.21 MB
Districts Map pack
DAA Districts Aboriginal Communities maps - 9 pages
File size: 18.46 MB


Contact: Tony Veale, Senior Cartographer, DAA

Last modified: 22 May 2013
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