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More about pastoral leases

Is tourism allowed on a pastoral lease?

Yes, if you have a permit. Permits can be issued by the Pastoral Lands Board to allow tourism but it must be as an extra and not the main use of the land.

Is agriculture or horticulture allowed on a pastoral lease?

Yes, if you have a permit. The Pastoral Lands Board may issue permits for those types of land use. But the permits do not allow agriculture or horticulture to be the main use of land.

Are there any charges on a pastoral lease?

Yes. Rent will have to be paid to the Crown. There will also be rates due to the local government and charges for vermin control.

What happens when a pastoral lease is abandoned?

The Pastoral Lands Board takes over the management of the lease.

Can pastoral leases be changed to another form of interest in land if the pastoral lease is not working?

It depends on the circumstances of each case. For example, pastoral leases can be changed to general leases, leases in perpetuity or to reserves. No changes would occur without consultation and agreement of the person who holds the lease, and approval by the Pastoral Lands Board.

What does the Pastoral Lands Board do?

The Pastoral Lands Board advises the Minister for Lands on policy matters in the pastoral industry and administers pastoral leases according to the Land Administration Act.

Last modified: 03 May 2010
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