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Mowanjum Community celebrates 50 years of living culture


The Mowanjum Community’s long history of artistic endeavour has been captured in a book to be launched tonight by Indigenous Affairs Minister Dr Kim Hames.


‘Mowanjum 50 Years Community History’ is a collection of images, recollections and stories that the community members, based 10km out of Derby, have gathered into a hardcover book.


“This work represents the living link the people of Mowanjum have with their lands and their ancestors,” Dr Hames said.


“It is a testament to the strength of the culture, and of the people who carry it within, that the Mowanjum community is recognised for so many dancers, authors, painters, sculptors and craftspeople.”


Community chair Donny Woolagoodja, an internationally recognised artist and contributor to the book, said it represented a path to the future of the community by documenting its past and present.


“We wanted to make sure that the stories and the photos didn’t get lost in some archive a long way away, so we decided to put them all together in this book,” Mr Woolagoodja said.


The Mowanjum community has self-published the book, auctioning a large painting through an international auction house to raise the necessary funds.  The Department of Indigenous Affairs also supported the project with a $6,010 grant.


The book can be ordered from http://www.fremantlepress.com.au and selected bookshops.

Last modified: 16 April 2010
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