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Mapping and Gapping Analysis - Service Delivery

The purpose of a Mapping and Gapping Analysis is to identify any gaps, duplications or shortcomings in the provision of services, programs, housing and infrastructure to Aboriginal people and communities. They enable Government agencies to better design and target their services to meet the needs of the community. Highlights for 2009–10 include:

  • a Mapping and Gapping Analysis for the Midwest Gascoyne Region was finalised in March 2010. The analysis details government funded services to Aboriginal people of the region, identifies gaps in service delivery and provides some key recommendations to be considered for implementation. The analysis is supported by the Midwest Gascoyne and Murchison Human Service Regional Managers Group, and will be a key tool to guide future government investment into the growing region; and
  • the Department, in partnership with the Wheatbelt Development Commission, completed a Mapping and Gapping Analysis of the Wheatbelt Region. The analysis identified existing available human and social services within the region and their accessibility by and for Aboriginal people. It provides the basis for improved service delivery, and design, of Government policies and programs in the region.

Last modified: 30 September 2010
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