Summit 2014

The WAAAC held its inaugural Summit in August 2014. The Summit was convened as an opportunity to discuss and develop a community-informed, holistic approach to Aboriginal affairs in Western Australia that will develop a clear path for effective and productive communication.

The Summit plans to inform the development of an engagement mechanism between Aboriginal people and government agencies, service providers, stakeholders and corporate entities that have an interest in improving outcomes for Aboriginal people. The engagement mechanism will change the connection between Aboriginal people and government and is a unique opportunity for Aboriginal people to come together to discuss, plan and deliver an Australian-leading model for engagement.

The Department is currently assisting the WAAAC in developing a report of the Summit.

The WAAAC and the Department would like to thank all of those who helped support the inaugural WAAAC Summit. Your commitment and contribution helped ensure the Summit was an event that will drive change in the way the WAAAC engages with the State.