Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Reconciliation is about mutual respect, a willingness to listen and learn from each other. Aboriginal culture is rich and enduring and it is essential to build a greater understanding and awareness of Aboriginal culture and the value it adds to our workplace and our community as a whole. 

The Department’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is based on the vision of a united Australia with shared knowledge, experience, understanding, and respect, where Aboriginal people’s heritage and culture is valued and celebrated.

The RAP promotes the Department’s commitment to reconciliation in six action areas: Recognition and Connection; Community Ownership; Cultural Competency; Sustainable Partnerships and Strength Based Investment. 

Further Information

Reconciliation Australia states:

“A RAP provides an organisation with a framework for the future, detailing steps and priorities to achieve Indigenous equality.”

If your organisation is developing or thinking of developing a RAP and require assistance or further information please refer to the Reconciliation Australia website.