Discussion Paper - Consitutional Recognition


In December 2015, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition appointed a 16-member Referendum Council to consult widely throughout Australia and move towards achieving Constitutional recognition of First Australians.

The Referendum Council is running a digital consultation process to seek the views of all Australians on Constitutional recognition. Through this process, the Referendum Council will ask some fundamental questions, such as: Do you support Constitutional change? And, What form do you think change should take? They will also ask about some specific proposals for symbolic and practical reform and how they might ensure that the Constitution treats Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples more fairly.

The Referendum Council has released a discussion paper to help all Australians better understand the options being explored for Constitutional change so they are well placed to provide input. The paper is also available in a number of Indigenous languages.

To have your say, visit the Referendum Council's website to complete the online submission form You can also join the conversation online by using #GetTheFullPicture on your post Facebook or Twitter posts.

Submissions will close in April 2017.

Image Credit: Image courtesy Referendum Council, featuring Craig Everett, a proud Musselroe Bay man, welcoming those who attended the Referendum Council's First Nations Regional Dialogue in Risdon Cove, Tasmania, in December 2016 to Country.

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