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The Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) regulates the creation and distribution of original artistic works.

The DAA e-news publication is intended to be an original work of the Department of Aboriginal Affairs for the purpose of communicating messages to our key stakeholders about issues and events in Aboriginal Affairs at a state and national level. Unless otherwise indicated, copyright in the publication is attributable to the State of WA.  

In compiling the DAA e-news, the Corporate Communications Unit is responsible for identifying any third party copyright in news materials and determining the requirements for use of such materials in the body of the newsletter (examples of copyright requirements may include- attribution of the author and source, direct links to a public website containing material including copyright disclaimers, direct quotes from third party content include attribution of source). Where there is uncertainty about the copyright requirements, third party material will not be replicated without written permission of the copyright holder. 

Premiers Circular dated 2009/07 has been considered in producing the publication.