Accountable Government

The Accountable Government Directorate works to improve accountability for the delivery of outcomes from government investments for Aboriginal people. This includes:

  • the provision of Aboriginal specific information and data services;
  • coordination and collaboration on Aboriginal affairs across government and communities;
  • provision of culturally appropriate and evidence-based advice to government;
  • support for Aboriginal people to participate more fully in the State’s economy; and
  • monitoring and reporting on outcomes to improve government accountability.

The Accountable Government directorate is responsible for: 

Expenditure Reviews

The Directorate plays a key role in reviewing expenditure into services that support Aboriginal people across the State. This work includes the Youth Expenditure Review and the Location Based Expenditure Review.

Aboriginal Economic Participation

Opportunities for Aboriginal people to maximise their potential and to increase their social and economic well-being are crucial to enable them to participate more fully in the State’s economy. The Directorate assists Aboriginal people and businesses by facilitating and brokering partnerships, undertaking research and project modelling, providing advice and awareness of current and emerging opportunities, and promoting and advocating Aboriginal economic participation and achievement.

The Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy

In September 2012, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs launched the Aboriginal Economic Participation Strategy 2012-2016 (the Strategy). The Strategy provides a whole-of-government approach to address the many barriers Aboriginal people experience in moving from welfare dependency to employment and self-sufficiency. 

Find out more about the strategy here.