Our Projects

The Project team supports initiatives that place Aboriginal people at the forefront in the design, development and delivery of programs, projects and services.

Our work focuses on four key areas; promoting reconciliation; connecting people to culture and history; supporting community initiatives; and building meaningful and respectful relationships and partnerships.

Promoting reconciliation

Partnerships, Acceptance, Learning, Sharing (PALS) 

Our PALS program encourages young Western Australian school students to develop reconciliation projects in their local community. All schools are invited to apply for PALS funding. 

Street Banner Project - Reconciliation Week

Each year the Department coordinates the Street Banner Project which enables organisations to publicly display their commitment to reconciliation. 

Connecting people to Aboriginal history and culture

The Aboriginal History Research Unit (AHRU)

The AHRU assists Western Australian Aboriginal people and families, Native Title parties and the wider community to access valuable family history research and historical information. 

They Served with Honour

The publication ‘They Served with Honour: Untold stories of Western Australian Aboriginal Servicemen at Gallipoli’ acknowledges the role of Western Australian Aboriginal servicemen who went to Gallipoli in World War I. 

Supporting Aboriginal community initiatives

Patrols Program

Patrols are a culturally sensitive service targeted at reducing contact between Aboriginal people and the criminal justice system.