Ten Top Tips for Travellers

1. Stick to the main tracks
Stick to the main roads and don't go off the track. You could be on Aboriginal Land and you will need permission from the owners, as if you were on a cattle station or other property. If in doubt, always check before you go.

2. Permits are needed

In some cases, a permit may be required to visit Aboriginal land and these are available free from the DPLH. Penalties for unauthorised entry are $1000 or imprisonment for nine months.

3. Go with a guide
Most of the country is remote and could be dangerous. Getting a guide will help you explore the country safely and local guides have a wealth of knowledge they are happy to share.

4. Observe any signs
In some places Aboriginal land is signposted. Read the signs and don't go to areas that are off-limits. If you see fences or gates, please don't enter.

5. Respect Aboriginal communities' right to privacy
Communities are happy to have visitors, but sometimes they may have special business, which means it is not a good time to visit. Some communities may also charge an entrance fee – this helps them maintain their infrastructure.

6. Do not touch artwork or artefacts
If you find paintings or other artefacts, respect them and don't touch them. Some can be up to 40,000 years old and are very delicate. They can be damaged by human touch, cigarette smoke and even dust from car tyres.

7. Take your rubbish with you
Please don't leave litter the country. Take your rubbish with you or place it in the bins provided.

8. Do not take any flora or fauna
The country may seem huge and powerful but it is also delicate and sensitive. Flora and fauna are a vital part of the land and Aboriginal culture and should not be removed.

9. Respect the land
There are sacred sites all over regional Western Australia and they should not be disturbed. Some are signposted but many are not. Use common sense and respect Indigenous heritage and culture.

10. Enjoy your trip!
Western Australia is a wonderful and exciting place, full of history and culture. Following these useful tips will help you make your trip a once-in-a-lifetime experience!