Section 18

Where land users conclude that impact to a Site is unavoidable, the consent of the Minister may be sought under section 18 of the Act to impact the Site by giving notice to the Aboriginal Cultural Material Committee (ACMC) accompanied by the information as to the intended use of the land and Sites on the land.

Notice should be given using the Section 18 Notice form

The Declarant at the end of the form must be the land owner / proponent or a duly authorised representative of the owner( normally a senior officer of the company) or person authorised in writing by the owner to act as their agent. 

If this is incorrect you will be requested to resubmit the form with the correct details.

Please note: Section 18 Notices are to be lodged by 5pm. Notices received after this time will automatically proceed to the next close of submission date for the following ACMC meeting. 

The ACMC meets once every month except in January as per the dates specified in the 2018 ACMC Meeting Dates. This document also provides details on the closing and advertising dates for Section 18 Notices and Section 16 Application.

DPLH publishes Section 18 Notices for possible consideration at upcoming ACMC meetings and the final list to be considered two weeks prior to the meeting on the DPLH website. This information is also provided to Native Title Representative Bodies. For a Section 18 Notice to be listed for possible consideration at a particular ACMC meeting in 2016 it must be submitted by the date indicated on the Submission closing dates for 2017 document.

Key Links

Heritage Information Submission Form to provide information about potential sites on the parcel of land.
Aboriginal Site and Other Heritage Place Search for accessing online and hardcopy information that DPLH holds in relation to Aboriginal Sites and other heritage places.
Aboriginal Heritage Surveys if you are required to undertake a survey.
Standard authorisation letter from land owner to be used if you are seeking authority to be appointed as an agent for section 18 approval.
Landgate, Sales & Product Enquiries for mapping information, digital data, aerial photography, certificates of title and online products contact
Section 18 report back template for final written reports to the Registrar of Aboriginal Sites where they form a condition of section 18 consent.


Note that when the intended land use is deemed by the Environmental Protection Authority to be a significant proposal, the Minister's consent must be deferred until the Environmental Protection Act 1986 Part IV assessment is complete.