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Aboriginal Site and Other Heritage Place Search

Access to information that the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) holds in relation to Aboriginal Sites, other heritage places and Aboriginal Heritage Surveys is available via:

  • The Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System (AHIS) which is an internet based search tool.
  • Refer to the AHIS User Guide for tips to assist you. Anyone is able to look up information on this system. Please note that the AHIS is unavailable from 7-7.30pm daily, and it may also be unavailable on Saturday mornings due to scheduled website maintenance (Western Australian time).
  • However, if you wish to download spatial information, you will need to apply for a Licensing Agreement for the Transfer and Use of Digital Information.
  • Appointments can be made to view hardcopy files and reports at DPLH's office at 151 Royal St, East Perth by emailing or phoning (08) 6551 8002.
  • Email or USB. To access the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage site files and heritage survey reports electronically please complete a Site File Access Request Form and email it to

If you wish to provide information about a possible Aboriginal Site, including information that is additional to what is on the AHIS or hardcopy files refer to Report a Site.

If you are undertaking activity on a piece of land it is recommended that you refer to Land Use Overview.

The AHIS provides the following details about Aboriginal Heritage Places:

  • the location and extent of each place. Note: to preserve confidentiality, the exact location and extent of some places are not displayed on the map; however a shaded region (generally with an area of at least 4km²) provides a general indication of where the place is located. 
  • the assessment status of each place under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972:
    • Aboriginal Site: The place has been assessed as meeting Section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
    • Other Heritage Place which includes:
      • Lodged: Information has been received in relation to the place, but an assessment has not been completed to determine if it meets Section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
      • Stored Data / Not a Site: The place has been assessed as not meeting Section 5 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972
  • any access restrictions to additional information that DPLH holds in relation to the place.
  • any gender restrictions.

Your use of DPLH's website is subject to the DPLH website Terms of Use.

The following copyright applies to maps and images on AHIS:

  • Geoscience Australia Copyright for topographic map information shall at all times remain the property of the Commonwealth of Australia, Geoscience Australia, National Mapping Division. All rights reserved. (2005).
  • State of Western Australia:
    • Aerial Photography, Cadastre, Local Government Authority, and Native Title boundary data copyright © Western Australian Land Information Authority trading as Landgate.
    • Copyright for Geothermal Application, Geothermal Title, Mining Tenement, Petroleum Application, and Petroleum Title boundaries shall at all times remain the property of the State of Western Australia, Department of Mines and Petroleum. All rights reserved.

The information provided is made available in good faith and is predominately based on the information provided to the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage (DPLH) by third parties. The information is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own assessment as to the accuracy of the information. If you find any errors or omissions in our records, including our maps, it would be appreciated if you email the details to DPLH at and we will make every effort to rectify it as soon as possible.