Grant Program

Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program

 The Department of Planning Lands and Heritage (DPLH) is offering Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations an opportunity to apply for grants to preserve and promote Aboriginal Sites (Sites) as defined in the Aboriginal Heritage Act 1972 (AHA). 

The total amount on offer in this instance is $250,000. Incorporated Aboriginal organisations registered for GST can apply for a maximum of $30,000 (including GST) per application. Unincorporated Aboriginal groups and organisations not GST registered can only apply for a maximum of $15,000 per application. Applicants may submit as many applications as they wish. 

It is anticipated that a diverse range of projects across Western Australia will be awarded a grant. 

Applications can only be made by submitting the Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program Application Form. The closing date and time for applications to be received by DPLH is 4pm Wednesday 14 February 2018 (Perth, Western Australia). 

What we will fund 

Unlike previous years, applications will only be accepted for projects associated with heritage places that are on the Register of Places and Objects (the Register) and have been assessed as meeting section 5 of the AHAor that have been lodged with the DPLH and are awaiting assessment. You can check which places are on the Register or have been lodged using the DPLH’s Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System (AHIS). 

If the heritage place the subject of your application is lodged and not yet registered it will need to be assessed and found to meet the criteria of section 5 of the AHA for it to be eligible for funding. In which case it is recommended applicants also include a current Heritage Information Submission Form so that the information about the place is current and up to date. 

If you currently have a project for which you would like funding that is associated with Aboriginal heritage places that are not on the Register or lodged with the DPLH, you can submit information about it to the DPLH for assessment and possible registration, so that the project may be eligible for funding in future rounds of the ‘Preserving Our Aboriginal Sites’ program. To provide information about a possible Aboriginal Site please use the Heritage Information Submission Form

If information about a heritage place is lodged with the DPLH or becomes registered, you can apply for funding through the ‘Preserving our Aboriginal Sites’ grant program  in future years. It can take more than six months to comprehensively review place information for assessment. For this reason, the Department recommends that you provide information about a possible site now to ensure eligibility for future funding rounds. 

For more information about reporting sites, please contact the Department on (08) 6551 8000 or at 

Who can apply 

Only not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations are eligible to apply. Individuals and government agencies (local, State and Federal) are not eligible for grant funding through this program. 

Joint submissions with other organisations can be made, however, a single eligible Aboriginal organisation must be listed as the applicant, with the other organization(s) listed in the Project Details section of the Application Form. For example, an organisation that is not confident that it can manage any resultant grant may wish to partner with an organisation that will manage the financial aspects of the project. 

How to apply 

Applications must be submitted using the Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program Application Form by 4pm on Wednesday 14 February 2018 (Perth, Western Australia). Applications received by the DPLH after this date and time will not be assessed in this funding round. 

Completed applications can be emailed to or delivered by hand or post to:

Preserving Our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program
Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage
Street Address: Level 1, 151 Royal Street, East Perth WA 6004 

Postal Address: PO Box 3153, East Perth WA 6892 

The application process 

The Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grant Program involves a single round application process:


Grant PRocess

Following the application deadline, the process takes around 10 weeks to complete. 

What we will not fund 

  • Projects related to places that are neither registered Aboriginal sites, nor already lodged with the Department.
  • Projects that do not have the support of the local Aboriginal community.
  • Aboriginal Heritage Surveys.
  • Previously completed projects or retrospective requests.
  • Projects that duplicate or repeat existing heritage services or products.
  • Ongoing funded employee positions and in-house project management by salaried officers as either voluntary of cash contributions.
  • University or degree projects.
  • New buildings, purchase of heritage buildings, relocation of buildings or work to relocate buildings.
  • Ongoing operating costs and routine maintenance, such as lawn mowing.