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Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program

The Preserving our Aboriginal Sites grant program (the Program) is open for applications until 15 October 2018. If you are considering applying to the Program, please contact the department to discuss your project on (08) 6551 8197 (during business hours) or at

Applications can only be made by submitting the Preserving our Aboriginal Sites Grants Program Application Form. The closing date and time for applications to be received by the department is 4pm Monday 15 October 2018 (Perth, Western Australia).

Guideline for Applicants

Application Form

About the Progam

 The Program offers financial support to Aboriginal not-for-profit organisations to undertake projects that protect and preserve registered Aboriginal sites. The total amount on offer in this instance is $250,000. Incorporated Aboriginal organisations registered for GST can apply for a maximum of $30,000 (excluding GST) per application. Unincorporated Aboriginal groups and organisations not GST registered can only apply for a maximum of $15,000 (excluding GST) per application. Applicants may submit as many applications as they wish. Grants are offered following a competitive assessment process.


Grant applications will only be accepted for projects associated with heritage places that are on the Register of Places and Objects (the Register) or that have been previously lodged with the Department and are awaiting assessment. You can check which places are on the Register or have been lodged for assessment using the Aboriginal Heritage Inquiry System.

Who can apply? 

Only not-for-profit Aboriginal organisations are eligible to apply. Individuals and government agencies (Local, State and Federal) are not eligible for grant funding through this program.

Joint submissions with other organisations can be made, however, a single eligible Aboriginal organisation must be listed as the applicant, with the other organisation(s) listed in the Project Details section of the Application Form. For example, an organisation that is not confident that it can manage any resultant grant may wish to partner with an organisation that will manage the financial aspects of the project (auspicing body). The auspicing body must agree to receive the funds and to administer the grant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the signed grant agreement.

Projects should be able to demonstrate the following outcomes:

  1. Sustainable long-term heritage benefits.
  2. Public benefit and increased awareness of Aboriginal heritage.
  3. Opportunities and benefits for Aboriginal people and organisations.

We highly recommend that you discuss your project with the grants team prior to submitting your application.

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More information

If you would like more information about the ‘Preserving our Aboriginal Sites’ grant program, contact the Department on (08) 6551 8197 or at