The Land team undertakes the day to day land management requirements of the ALT estate, supports the ALT in facilitating the divestment of land to Aboriginal control, and provides advice to the ALT, Aboriginal people, government departments and other stakeholders about the care, control and management of ALT land. 

The ALT and DPLH seek to release the potential of land in order to achieve the social, economic and cultural aspirations of Aboriginal people. 

The DPLH ALT branch is responsible for:

Land Tenure Reform
Facilitating changes to land tenure, and/or the transfer of ALT land to Aboriginal people, in order to improve community amenity, housing outcomes, service delivery and increased commercial opportunities for Aboriginal people.

Economic Opportunities
Promoting economic and investment opportunities for Aboriginal people through pastoral, tourism, conservation, commercial development and home ownership initiatives on ALT land.

Land Management
Assisting ALT leaseholders and community residents with the repair and maintenance of infrastructure on ALT land through coordinated, across government services and funding.

Provision of Entry Permits
Facilitating access to Reserves that require the approval of the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs prior to entry. The permit system is designed to help protect the privacy of Aboriginal communities, preserve Aboriginal heritage and culture, safeguard the natural environment and to promote visitor safety. Find out more about Entry Permits.