Land Management

The Department of Aboriginal Affairs’ Land Directorate has a number of primary functions:

  • The effective and efficient day-to-day management of the Aboriginal Lands Trust the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority lands.
  • The development and management of Directorate operations and strategic initiatives in accordance with the Aboriginal Lands Trust Strategic Plan.
  • Facilitating the transfer of Aboriginal Lands Trust land to Aboriginal people.
  • Providing advice and support to the Aboriginal Lands Trust, the Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority, Aboriginal people, the Minister, Government and key stakeholders in relation to management of Aboriginal Lands Trust and Aboriginal Affairs Planning Authority land.
  • The operation of the Land Directorate comprises four teams, Land Operations, Economic Development, Policy & Reform and Land Priority Projects. All work in conjunction with each other to undertake the primary functions of the Directorate.

In managing the Directorate’s primary functions, the Land Operations team:

  • Establishes and enhances strategic alliances with key stakeholders and manages the estate to meet the Aboriginal Lands Trust's statutory and duty of care responsibilities;
  • Leads the operational aspects of estate management and transfer in accordance with the Aboriginal Lands Trust Strategic Plan; and 
  • Provides advice and actively contributes to the development of policy frameworks on land related issues.

Contact – A/Director, Land Operations - 1300 651 077