Remote Aboriginal Communities

The following information is available about Remote Aboriginal Communities:

  • Location; name(s); population estimate; category; other general info.

To download the information complete a Licensing Agreement for the Transfer and Use of Digital Information.

In order to use the spatial data downloaded you must have a mapping or GIS system (for example, MapInfo, ArcGIS Desktop).

The dataset can be downloaded in a number of different formats:

  • ArcGIS File Geodatabase feature class: A file Geodatabase is stored within the compressed zip file (and must be extracted from the zip file to be made accessible), the place feature class is stored within the Geodatabase.
  • Shapefiles: After downloading, extract all files within the zip file to ensure that the shapefile is complete.

Clients are responsible for ensuring that personnel using the datasets downloaded from DPLH are aware of and abide by the contents of the licensing agreement.

Clients are expected to refresh their datasets regularly.

Email if you experience difficulties downloading the datasets.

Copyright in the information downloaded from the DPLH website is and shall remain the property of the Government of Western Australia.